Close raccoon entry in home

How Our Inspection Process Works?

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FREE Inspections: We start each pest control and wildlife service with a thorough inspection by our trained experts. When you have a wildlife issue inside of a home or building first thing you want to do is identify which animal it is by finding any type of feces. Also by looking at the insulation, mice and rats will make little burrow holes in the insulation to nest underneath as well as small trailing on the top, squirrels will make a little larger or trails on the top and larger animals like raccoons and opossum will create large trailing on insulation.

After identifying the type of wildlife you want to inspect the exterior of the home or building to find all entry points and potential entry points. Once we have found and sealed them off you want to have a type of trapping in place for that animal , mice/rats best trappping is snap traps . For squirrels it will be excluders on main entry of live cages inside the attic , for raccoon /opossums it’ll be excluders and live cages in attic as well .

We seal all eave returns with dyed concrete to blend and make it as least noticeable as possible , weep holes and four vents we screen with galvanized steel mesh . Any type of soffit vent or mushroom vents we replace and screen .

Houston inspection. Squirrel removal

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