Fastest way to get rid of Opossum

What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Possum?

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Possums are nuisances. They roam through your trash cans, and find their way into your home. They also hide in your attic, and under your home. It is best to hire a specialist for wildlife removal. Like rodents, they find entry points into your home. They can get through screens on doors and panels on attics that are weak or not completely secure. To get rid of possums, the first thing that you should do is make sure that entry points are sealed, keep food inside, and make sure that trash cans are sealed. You should have a trash can that a possum can’t knock over. 


You will need to work on sealing any entry points. In homes common entry points are breezeways, unsealed garage doors, and small gaps around a/c tubing. It is an important step to work on securing these entry points to keep out possums and rodents.


Possums can be a difficult wildlife removal, as they are similar to racoons. Most people think that possums are oversized rodents. Possums are marsupials. Marsupials are in the family closely related to kangaroos and koalas. Possums are usually around two and a half feet long, have a long tail for gripping, and sharp claws. Possums are exceptional climbers. They tend to spend a lot of time in trees. This is why they often crawl into the attic of your home. 


Possums are drawn to bird seed and pet food, and will raid your property for easy food sources. They are also attracted to carrion. Possums will sometimes hunt their food. They prefer smaller animals such as insects, worms, and mice. They have also been known to kill and eat chickens, birds, and snakes. 

Opossum in Home

If you hear sounds like scratching in your walls, floors, ceilings, or attic. One culprit can be a possum. Possums can get into these places and have a litter of babies. If this happens, it can turn into an infestation. You will need to hire an expert for wildlife removal. A wildlife removal specialist can prevent or minimize damage to your home and garden. Possums destroy your garden while digging for worms, and insects that they can eat. 


Playing possum is a figure of speech that we sometimes laugh at. In reality, it’s not a laughing matter when dealing with possums. Possums play dead when they feel threatened or are startled. Possums will gather leaves and trash to build a nest. You will sometimes find urine or droppings left behind from possum infestations. When trapping possums, be careful of diseases such as parasites, mites, and fleas. The disease can cause severe allergic reactions to pets and humans.   


The best solution for possum removal is to trap and remove them. Possum traps come in a variety of styles and sizes. You should place a trap anywhere that you have spotted activity. You should be looking for activities such as burrowing. An example of burrowing, is a hole dug by a possum. Possums eat everything, including trash, but the best food for baiting a possum is apples or fish. You can also use canned pet food for baiting. There are differences of opinion on foods that are used for baiting, but it is agreed that the smellier the better. The bait should be smeared around, in, or on the trap. These are tips to help you trap a possum, but it is always better to call an experienced professional to make sure that your wildlife removal is done properly. 

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