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How an Exterminator Gets Rid of Cockroaches?

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Spotting a cockroach in Houston for the first time can be a big shock. Especially if you’ve never dealt with them before. If you spot a few cockroaches in your Houston home, you may think that this is a task that you handle on your own. In most cases seeing a few indicates that there is a bigger problem. Seeing one, or a few roaches indicates that more are most likely lurking around. 

Signs that it’s probably time to call a Houston Pest Control Expert are: 

  • Cockroach Droppings

  • Many dead roaches

  • A gross, musty smell in your house or building

You might be indecisive about calling a professional exterminator to get rid of roaches, but when you are seriously trying to remedy an infestation. The most logical option is to hire a professional, so that not only can you get rid of the roaches, but make sure that they are completely gone. A Houston pest control expert will know and do the necessary steps to solve the pesky roach issue. A plus is as soon as you make the call, the sooner that you can be free from bugs. 


Coach Roach infestation in house Houston

The type of treatments that pest control experts use to get rid of roaches varies depending on your home and the type of roach problem that you’re having. Different roaches require different approaches, but there are a few basic tools and techniques that all professional Houston exterminators use to kill cockroaches. When a pest control expert starts the task of ridding your home of roaches there are steps that they may use.

  • Inspect the bathroom, kitchen, basement/attic, and closets

  • Use gel baits to kill roaches and gradually lower the population

  • Treat outdoor perimeter with spray or granular baits (For outdoor roaches)

  • Use glue traps to establish how many roaches there are and where they’re concentrated

  • Follow-Up Treatment (If necessary)

The kitchen is the most common source of roach infestations. That is because the kitchen is the main source of food and water. Most pests are drawn to these sources. A roach extermination pro will also check the stove and refrigerator inside and out. They will most of the time pull out the appliances so that they can look behind and under them. 

Houston Cockroach exterminator

In the bathroom they may look for signs of roaches around electrical and lighting fixtures, in cabinets, and around the drains. Oriental cockroaches are a common problem in drains. A Houston roach exterminator may give you the task of installing drain covers. The next step may be the utility closet. Not only is the closet usually warm. It will have piping and wiring running through the walls. Those gaps can be an opening for cockroaches to enter your home. A pest control specialist will use wet-and-dry vacuums to suck up dirt, small debris and any cockroaches that are hiding in these areas. They then seal the holes and openings with mesh caulk to keep bugs out. 


Lastly Houston pest control exterminators will look at storage areas and bedrooms, searching every crack and crevice. They may remove outlets or ask you to empty out cabinets. If you have a basement or attic , they’ll analyze it for entry points or signs of colonies living there. Houston cockroaches live both in your house and outdoors. Your Houston roach exterminator will administer treatments outside your Houston house or business as well. Baits are generally the best option; nearly half of cockroach exterminators use them as their primary tool. They just work. Baits used by Houston extermination specialists come in gel form and as bait stations. They don’t kill them instantly but that’s the point—the roach dies back in its nest. Then, as the other roaches feed on its body, they eat the insecticide, too.


Depending on your pest control exterminator, this may require more time and expense, but it will be more difficult to try to handle on your own. Hiring your local Houston extermination specialist to get rid of those pesky roaches will save you a lot of energy, frustration, and possibly money. Overall, you’ll be happy that you did.

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