Squirrels Going Into House Attic

Attic Pest and Rodent Removal + Clean up

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Home attics are a favorite place for rats to live. Rats and other animals love attics for their ideal environment. In the winter months attics tend to stay warm, and summer months they tend to stay cool. Attics do not get hot and musky during summer months, as they air out. The heat produced in your home during the winter rises into the attic. The attic also provides easy access to other parts of your home. Animals gain access through duct-work or crawl through walls. Attics are also quiet and homeowners don’t often visit their attic. This gives animals a chance to create a large den before being noticed. Animals will make a home in your attic long enough to create a large family.     


We provide expert rat and squirrel attic clean-up and removal services.  Rodents love to make their homes in our attics. Much to the dismay of homeowners, this can be a costly problem to fix. Squirrels and rats will make their dens out of anything they can find, tearing apart wood, insulation, wiring, etc. to find materials. Even if the wildlife and rodents don’t tear apart the attic, cleaning up the waste products and aftermath of an animal or pest infestation is necessary. 

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Attic Clean up Process: While it can sound like a daunting undertaking, we take a few steps to make it much easier. To begin with, we vacuum and remove animal waste and den materials. This is followed by an in-depth scrubbing of the location to kill pathogens and harmful bacteria. Insulation will then be torn out and replaced. We also ensure that the animal scent is completely gone by the time we’re done. The final step is the sealing of the entrance of the exit hole used by the animal.

Animal removal and Attic restorations need to be done properly to ensure that there are no issues from services that are poorly done. In some cases a full restoration may not be necessary. In other cases infestations are so severe that a full restoration is warranted. Whether the infestation is mild or severe. We will work with you to make sure that all traces are removed and your attic is restored back to like new. 

Rat removal from Houston attic

Rats and mice look for any food sources that they can find. If your yard has fruit trees and other edible plants, these provide excellent food sources for rodents. Easy access to any pet food and trash is also a big reason they come onto your property. Having a messy yard with plenty of brush and ground cover makes a yard much more attractive to rodents, as they have more places to create shelter and be safe from raptors and other predators. There are many reasons rodents come into yards, but those are the largest contributors by far.

The cost of an attic restoration depends on the extent of the damage. The general cost range is $4 to $6 per square foot. Which means that the typical cost is $250 to $500 for a single area of the attic. Raccoons tend to cause the most attic damage. This is due to their destructive habits and size. No  matter the length of time that you've had an infestation, restoration is necessary. It is vital to your health to remove all traces of infestation in your attic. We service Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and Cypress.

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