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Houston Rat Exterminator and Rodent Control Cost

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Rats gain access to your home through small cracks and holes. They have the ability to squeeze their bodies into spaces the size of a quarter. Once they gain access into your home or business they will begin to nest and breed inside your walls,attic, and floors. They damage property, and put your health at risk. Hiring a Houston Rat Exterminator can help you with permanent rat removal.



If rats get into your home, garage, or in your yard, they have the potential to cause a serious health risk to you and your family. They carry diseases like hantavirus, a highly dangerous viral infection that has no cure. They carry rat-bite fever, which also has no cure and can potentially be very deadly. As if these aren’t bad enough, even the places where they walk, leave saliva, urinate, or defecate are loaded with tons of harmful bacteria and viruses. 



Rats frequent places where disease and filth are plentiful. They reside in sewers, and can enter your home through drain and sewer lines. Rats carry fleas and ticks, and can spread these to your pets and family. This creates an infestation that can be difficult for your family. Needless to say, hiring a Houston rat exterminator needs to be done as soon as possible.

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Are you dealing with a rat infestation? Check your home for any of the following signs:

  • Holes in walls or other points of entry

  • Signs of nesting in insulation or other areas of your home

  • Noises in the attic

  • “Grease” marks along where rodents frequent 

  • Pellet -shaped droppings droppings in garage, attic, or living areas


Rats are probably some of the easiest pests to find in your home. They aren’t so easy to get rid of. Hiring a Houston rat exterminator can protect your home and family from these pests. They have a tendency to leave noticeable damage. They can damage floors, walls, and wood that supports areas of your home. They even damage insulation and cables. Rats are always in search of food. They will cause damage to anything that may be considered food. They will chew through plumbing lines, insulation between your attic and the rest of your home, and the insulation that surrounds electrical wires.

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Rats and mice look for any food sources that they can find. If your yard has fruit trees and other edible plants, these provide excellent food sources for rodents. Easy access to any pet food and trash is also a big reason they come onto your property. Having a messy yard with plenty of brush and ground cover makes a yard much more attractive to rodents, as they have more places to create shelter and be safe from raptors and other predators. There are many reasons rodents come into yards, but those are the largest contributors by far.

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Hiring a Houston rat exterminator for a rat problem may seem crazy to some people. However, once you start figuring up how much time and money it will cost to do all of these things on your own, it makes great sense to hire professionals. Our pest control professionals have tons of experience and will be able to quickly and effectively remove all of the rats from your home, garage, or wherever else you need it done. Not only will we get rid of every single rodent, but we will also be able to assess, and possibly fix what has been destroyed by the rodents. These experts will also be able to identify and install any prevention methods that will keep rodents from reentering your home or garage. 

Rat Exterminator Costs Houston
In addition, these professionals will be wearing protective gear so they are
not exposed to the diseases that are commonly found in rodent-infested attics and other spaces. As can be seen, it can often be more cost-effective, safe, and efficient to hire a pest control company. The average cost for rat removal is $342. Hiring a professional for rat removal ranges from $200-$1200. Call Quality Pest and Wildlife today for a quote. We service Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and Cypress.

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