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The Bat Removal Process

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If you are dealing with bats in your Houston home or on your property, you may have questions as to how to get rid of Bats. Bats tend to travel in groups, and when there’s one bat, more are likely to follow. Common issues for home and businesses are:

  • Houston Bats swarming around your home or building
  • Bats taking up residence in your chimney
  • Bats in your attic
  • Bats stuck somewhere in your home or business

When it comes to damage to your Houston property, home and business owners run into these common problems:

  • Corrosion
  • Wood Decay
  • Waste Stains
  • Bad Odor due to droppings

There are tell tale signs that you will notice right away if you have a colony of bats living in your home or place of business. One sign is odor. The odor will come from bat droppings, also known as guano. The odor of guano is offsetting. Aside from the offensive odor, guano is also toxic and can put you or your family at risk. Bat droppings carry an infection caused by a fungus known as histoplasma capsulatum. Histoplasma capsulatum causes histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is an infection caused by breathing in spores from guano or bat droppings. Breathing in spores from bird droppings can also result in histoplasmosis. 

 Bats can cause damage to your home, business, attic, and insulation. Bats can cause severe structural degeneration due to their corrosive waste. Bat droppings often result in guano deposits that can damage and degrade the structure of your home by causing corrosion, wood decay, and stains. 

Bat and bird guano have high levels of uric acid, which can erode metal and clay structures.These acids can damage the protective patina of copper and bronze, which can jeopardize their integrity. The acids also affect the binders for stone and concrete.Bat guano also contains high amounts of phosphate, ammonium, and potassium. These compounds have been found in various caves in which bats have taken up shelter.

If a bat has taken up residence in your Houston home it is important to contact a professional pest control service or wildlife removal company right away. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that you get rid of them through bat ‘exclusion,’ which is a process where you make a pathway for bats to exit but not enter. Bats are protected by state and federal laws and therefore must be removed from a structure with the bat’s safety in mind. 

Bats need to be removed in the most safe and humane way possible. Bats are also carriers of the rabies virus When dealing with animals that commonly carry rabies, there are specific regulations that must be followed according to the Rabies Control and Eradication Administrative Code (Chapter 169. Administrative Code) Rules of the Board of Health for the Rabies Control Act (Chapter 826. Texas Health and Safety Code

Bat removal | bat exterminator near Houston

Bat Exclusion: At Quality Pest and Wildlife, safe and humane bat removal is of the utmost importance. We start with an inspection of chimneys, brick to fascia, and any other gaps that bats can fit through to determine entry points. We also look for staining caused by bats when entering and exiting your property. We allow bats to fly out of entry points with the installation of bat valves.

With bat valves installed, they are able to exit, but not able to re-enter. We make sure that all potential bat entry points are sealed, so that bats are unable to find other locations on your property to call home. Three to Seven days after the bat valves have been installed, we return to remove them. Once they are removed, we seal off the area where they resided.

After bats are excluded, we recommend having the areas cleaned and sanitized to make sure that any guano and urine left from bats is totally removed and that you and your family are kept safe from toxins. Call us today for a free bat inspection!

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