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How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Bats in Houston?

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The amount of time it takes to remove bats from your home or business can vary. There is no way to tell exactly how long the removal process will take. There are factors that influence the length of time that it will take. Factors include the size of the building that they will be removed from, if there are babies, the weather, the size of the bat nest that bats are roosting, and when the bats last had food and water. It’s always good to hire a professional pest removal company that can come and remove the bats from your home. 

Bat removal can take longer depending on the type of structure that the bats have housed themselves in. The exclusion process will take longer if bats decide to travel through the walls and spaces of your property and relocate themselves. When bats find their way out of your home or business, that is when the process of exclusion can be started. 

The bats leave the space that they have taken up residence in your property to go and feed. That is our opportunity to install exclusion devices to keep them from returning.

There is no way to speed up the process of bat exclusion. If the entrances/exits that a bat uses are sealed up prematurely, that can lead to problems. Sealing the area too soon can lead to bats being sealed into your home or business. In other words you are sealing up a bat entrance without giving bats an exit. Bats could also get stuck and die in your walls while in search of an exit. Having dead bats inside the walls of your home is not healthy and will lead to an odor in time.

In conclusion there is no set amount of time that it will take to remove bats from your home or business. There are many components that need to be taken into consideration.

Bats Removal Service

The best way to remove them in a safe and as timely as possible manner is to contact a professional to make sure that all laws and proper exclusion procedures are followed. A specialist will not only make sure that bats are excluded, but that they are handled in a safe and humane manner. After removal, they are sure to make sure that all areas that may be used to access your property are sealed properly, so that there is not another occurrence in the same area. Call us today for a bat removal consultation in Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress or Tomball. 

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