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The cost to remove bird’s and nest’s from your home vents on average is $600. The price will vary based on multiple factors. The removal of one nest can cost as little as $100. If an issue with extensive roosting occurred or if the nest is in a place that is hard to reach, the cost could reach $2,000. These costs sometimes include preventative measures.

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Other factors to consider when it comes to birds and the removal of birds nests are:

The Species of the birds: Pigeons flock to roost, and other birds like robins and swallows commonly build small nests. If there is a large flock like pigeons roosting in a large house the cost can be upwards of $1,000 for removal and preventative maintenance. Robins and swallows may cost between $100-$350, as these species don’t flock like pigeons. 

Location: The location of your home and where birds have nested can determine the cost of removal.

The size of your home: The size of your home and measures that need to be taken for removal and prevention will have an influence on cost. 

Cleanup: Many professionals offer cleanup services. The cleanup can include the removal of birds and their nests. Droppings and feathers will also be removed and the area will be sanitized to remove harmful bacteria. This could add additional costs of $100-$300. 

Preventative Measures: Preventative measures can heighten the cost of bird and nest removal services. This step should not be skipped because it will help with the prevention of future problems that may arise when dealing with large flocks of birds like pigeons. 

It is common for birds, including Pigeons to nest in and around homes. They nest in areas like garages, chimneys, and under eaves. Birds can get messy, and be very noisy. They can even spread disease and cause damage to your home. It is best to acquire the help of a professional service to assist you in the removal of birds and birds nests. 

The best way to get rid of birds nesting in and around your home is by using humane preventative measures. You can do this by using deterrents before their arrival. In Texas a professional bird’s nest removal service can make sure that the best options are used for removal and prevention. The first step to this process is to thoroughly clean nesting debris and bird droppings from the nesting area. Birds are attracted to their own pheromones and scent, which can be found in their nests and droppings. Professionals will use cleaning agents such as hospital grade disinfectants to sanitize nesting areas before the installation of bird control products.

Pigeon Control Services

Pigeons are not protected in Texas and may be taken at any time; also, their nests and eggs may be destroyed. Feral pigeons are descendants of the passenger pigeons. Feral pigeons are there to stay once they bond to a nest site. They will return to their roost if released at a distance of over 1,000 miles. The only thing that can be done with today’s feral pigeons is to remove and then euthanize them. 

Pigeons (Columba livia), also known as rock doves, are very common in cities, suburbs and parks. Pigeons are not native to the United States. They were domesticated in Europe and brought to the United States where some escaped and established feral populations.

Pigeons often use attics, unused stories in industrial buildings, or steeples as nesting and roosting sites. Pigeons tend to remain in the same feeding and roosting areas and often can be trapped in these locations.

How to get rid of bird’s nests? You must first look for the gathering of birds or for the bird's nest itself. With certain native species of bird, it is against the law to destroy or remove nests. If the nest is visible you will want to check it to see if it’s been abandoned or is still active. If the nest is active, there could possibly be eggs in it that have been laid. If the nest is empty, this could be the opportunity for removal. There are many steps that need to be taken. A professional bird and bird's nest removal service can make sure that the removal is done properly. Contact us for more information and bird control and birds nest removal quotes.

We provide Bird netting for commercial or big areas where birds land on rafters. Bird spikes and bird screening of vent covers. Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, and Cypress.

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