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Unwanted Bird Removal Houston: We offer expert Houston bird control and birds nest removal services. While birds are a part of everyday life, they can actually be quite the nuisance animal. From carrying diseases to creating fire hazards, birds can have a profound impact on your life if they make their way into your home, garage, or any other structure. While the main problem species is the pigeon, virtually all birds pose the threat of becoming a nuisance. Continue reading this article to learn more about nuisance birds, what problems they cause, and what solutions are out there. Our services include bird netting for commercial or big areas where birds land on rafters. bird spikes and bird screening of vent covers.

Why are birds nests in my Houston house or building?

If you live in the city of Houston, birds, specifically pigeons, are definitely a large problem, however, they can be in many rural areas as well. These birds will enter your home or building in search of a place to build a nest that is dry and warm. This is usually more of a problem in urban areas, as there are fewer trees and natural areas for a bird to build its nest. More times than not, there will be a mother bird that builds a nest in preparation for raising her offspring until they are old enough to live on their own. As previously stated, birds usually are only drawn into homes or buildings while they are looking for a place to stay that is out of the elements. Our experts conduct safe birds nest removal services near Houston. Call today for a FREE Houston bird removal inspection!

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What health problems do Houston birds cause?

While birds seem like harmless creatures, they can actually pose some serious issues to both human health and the building’s structural health. The most important of these is the risk of zoonotic diseases being spread to humans by the birds’ droppings. Bird feces carry all kinds of nasty diseases, such as salmonella, leptospirosis, and encephalitis, to name a few. These all have the potential to be deadly diseases for humans. In addition to this risk, there is also the chance that toxic mold will build up in the areas where the birds defecated and urinated, leading to an increase in serious health risks.

One of the biggest problems other than the health risks associated with birds is the likelihood of a fire happening. Houston birds commonly build nests in the chimneys of buildings. If active fires are being started in the fireplace, there is a great chance that a spark will catch the nest on fire and your whole chimney will catch on fire. Obviously, this is not wanted at all, as it could eventually cause the whole building to catch fire. In addition to the fire risk, bird urine also weakens the structure within the building. More than likely, a bird will be in an attic, and it will weaken and damage the wood and drywall wherever the urine makes contact with it. We specialize in safe bird control and birds nest removal services in Houston The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress and Tomball.

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More Bird FAQ’s

While it might seem like an easy task you can do on your own, the removal of birds should be left to professional wildlife removal services only. There are legal risks you can face if you try to do it on your own, leaving you with potentially serious consequences. In addition to this, there is also the added problem of trying to find all of the baby birds that are in the attic or building. With all of that being said, the process for removing birds is simple in theory. You should first make your way through the attic or building to find any and all babies that are in the nests. Safely remove them, and then set up whatever bird trap you want, thereby catching all of the adult birds. Then they can be safely returned to the wilderness, where they can thrive.

There are several excellent reasons to hire a professional Houston bird removal service. The biggest reason is that by hiring a wildlife removal service, you avoid any legal risks on your part, as these companies are legally allowed to remove any type of animal. A second great reason is that these experts can find all of the baby birds with no problem. This is great, as dying baby birds is not only inhumane, but it will cause terrible odors in your home or building. Another reason to consider a Houston wildlife removal service is that they have years of experience and can figure out where the birds are getting in, and then potentially install any preventative measures. In addition to this, they can assess the damage caused and potentially perform the cleanup and restoration as well.

The cost to remove bird’s and nest’s from your home vents on average is $600. The price will vary based on multiple factors. The removal of one nest can cost as little as $100. If an issue with extensive roosting occurred or if the nest is in a place that is hard to reach, the cost could reach $2,000. These costs sometimes include preventative measures.

The best way to get rid of birds nesting in and around your home is by using humane preventative measures. You can do this by using deterrents before their arrival. In Texas a professional bird’s nest removal service can make sure that the best options are used for removal and prevention. The first step to this process is to thoroughly clean nesting debris and bird droppings from the nesting area. Birds are attracted to their own pheromones and scent, which can be found in their nests and droppings. Professionals will use cleaning agents such as hospital grade disinfectants to sanitize nesting areas before the installation of bird control products.

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Houston Bird Removal and Control Tips 

Pigeons are not protected in Texas and may be taken at any time; also, their nests and eggs may be destroyed. Feral pigeons are descendants of the passenger pigeons. Feral pigeons are there to stay once they bond to a nest site. They will return to their roost if released at a distance of over 1,000 miles. The only thing that can be done with today’s feral pigeons is to remove and then euthanize them.

Pigeons (Columba livia), also known as rock doves, are very common in cities, suburbs and parks. Pigeons are not native to the United States. They were domesticated in Europe and brought to the United States where some escaped and established feral populations.

Pigeons often use attics, unused stories in industrial buildings, or steeples as nesting and roosting sites. Pigeons tend to remain in the same feeding and roosting areas and often can be trapped in these locations.

You must first look for the gathering of birds or for the bird’s nest itself. With certain native species of bird, it is against the law to destroy or remove nests. If the nest is visible you will want to check it to see if it’s been abandoned or is still active. If the nest is active, there could possibly be eggs in it that have been laid. If the nest is empty, this could be the opportunity for removal. There are many steps that need to be taken. A professional bird and bird’s nest removal service can make sure that the removal is done properly.

While birds seem harmless, unwanted birds can cause real problems. It is important to remove them quickly, as the longer they are free, the more damage they will cause. Hiring a bird control and birds nest removal service is an excellent, cost-effective way of getting rid of these pestering birds effectively. If you live in the Houston area, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Cypress, (Harris or Montgomery County), give Quality Pest & Wildlife a call. We have years of experience.

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