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Cypress, Texas wildlife removal and animal rescue services take the stress caused by an animal living in your home off of your shoulders. We know that having an animal in your home is a headache. So why have to deal with it yourself? Give Quality Pest & Wildlife a call today if you need removal services!

When you give us a call, we’ll take down the basic details of your issue. We’ll then send out a crew to carry out an inspection of your home. From there, we’ll determine the best way to remove the animal in a humane and safe way, guaranteeing that the animal, you, and our workers remain safe. We make sure that the animal is completely removed and won’t come back into your home after we finish.

Why Animals Come Into Your House and Attic?

Cypress Wildlife Removal & Rescue: Animals will stay anywhere they can find shelter, food, and water. Homes provide the perfect shelter from predators and the weather, and if you aren’t careful, can provide a food source. A food source can be another pest issue or any food left on the counter or opened in the pantry. Animals prefer locations where they can easily move around such as inside of your walls or in your attic. Our process of removal can be boiled down to these steps:
Cypress Wildlife Control Inspection:
The process begins with the inspection. During the inspection phase, we’ll determine the precise location of the animal and the best way to go about the removal process. We’ll take a look at the extent of the infestation and whether babies are present in the den. We’ll then go about determining if there is a way to remove the animal without the use of baiting or trapping, The inspection takes into account the entirety of the house, from the foundation up. We look for any and all entrance holes into the home and ways the animals travel.

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Cypress Wildlife Rescue :  The removal phase is the most important part of the process. Once we’ve determined the safest and most efficient way to go about this process, the plan kicks into action. If we’re using the exclusion method, a one-way exclusion door is placed on the hole the animal is using to enter and exit your home. Once the animal leaves the home, it won’t be able to get back in through the same hole. The animal is removed from the home and will search for another.

In the case that a trap must be used, we take the details of the situation into account. The size, type, and location of the trap will be based on the safest and most efficient way we can remove the animal. Once this has been decided, and the animal has been trapped, it will be relocated to a safe and pre-determined location.

Cleanup and Repair : Once the animal has been removed, the next step is to ensure that it doesn’t come back. During this phase, we clean up all signs of the animals’ presence including nesting materials and waste products. We will repair damage to the infrastructure of the building or damage done to the drywall. We will seal up the entry hole used to gain entrance to the building, ensuring that the animal will not return.

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A small number of bats are carriers of rabies. All bats carry nasty germs, viruses, and bacteria that have the potential to be fatal. Bat droppings can cause a fungal infection called histoplasmosis, which is an infection of the lungs due to the fungus that grows on droppings. These winged critters are very important to remove quickly, as being around them for even a little bit of time can be highly harmful to one’s health. Bat removal in Houston is very important and should be done with the utmost expediency. 

One of the most important services a bat removal service can provide is searching for places where a bat is likely to get in. Once we have found some trouble areas, we can recommend the next steps or possibly install bat prevention methods for you.

One of the biggest problems associated with birds, besides health risks, is the likelihood of a fire. Birds commonly build nests in the chimneys of homes and buildings. If active fires are being started in the fireplace, there is a great chance that a spark will catch the nest on fire and your whole chimney will catch on fire. Obviously, this is not wanted. This could lead to the whole building catching fire. In addition to the fire risk, bird urine also weakens the structure within the building. More than likely, a bird will be in an attic, and it will weaken and damage the wood and drywall wherever the urine makes contact with it. Call us, we specialize in safe bird control and bird nest removal services in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress and Tomball.

If you hear sounds like scratching in your walls, floors, ceilings, or attic. One culprit can be a possum. Opossums can get into these places and have a litter of babies. If this happens, it can turn into an infestation. You will need to hire an expert for wildlife removal. A wildlife removal specialist can prevent or minimize damage to your home and garden. To remove possums and keep them out, work will need to be done on sealing any entry points. After entry points are sealed, keep food inside, and make sure that trash cans are sealed.

Raccoons will make a nest and raise their young, and could potentially find their way to a living space. There is also the potential for raccoons to die in your attic, causing terrible odors. It is best to remove the raccoons before the problems get serious. Our wildlife removal service experts will be able to assess the damage and recommend solutions, and provide the service of restoring and fixing whatever damage is done to your attic by raccoons.  Our wildlife removal professionals will be able to perform  preventive service as well. 

Surprisingly squirrels are one of the most destructive pests in both urban and rural settings. Squirrels cause serious health risks to humans, and  also destroy buildings and their materials. Squirrels carry many diseases and illnesses, and there are several that can be harmful to humans. Humans can contract these maladies by coming into direct contact with a live or dead squirrel, a squirrel’s saliva, a squirrel’s feces, or a squirrel’s urine.

Pregnant squirrels can also build their nest and have their babies in your attic.  Our squirrel removal services use humane practices and release animals away from your home.  We also inspect damage caused by the squirrels and will  inform you about repair & prevention methods, and  install them for you.

Rodents and rats can cause destructive damage and can even pose serious health risks to anyone living near them. It is important to get rid of them as soon as you can. They will try to get in to build a warm nest for their young, expanding the problem even more, as rats and mice reproduce very quickly. Rats and mice chew up wiring, creating the potential for fire hazards as well. Taking care of this rodent problem as soon as you can will greatly prevent damages. Call our expert rat and mouse exterminators for a free inspection.

Armadillos in the same environment as humans is a cause for concern because studies have shown that these animals can transmit leprosy to humans. If you see piles of dirt around your property and hear strange animal sounds, reach out to Quality Pest & Wildlife, and we will come to take care of your armadillo problems. Our wildlife control trappers will recognize a wildlife problem in a few short minutes and with years of field experience in armadillo wildlife removal, we will effectively deal with the problem.

If someone is bitten or scratched by a rabid skunk, chances are they will get infected with the rabies virus. A skunk attack should never be left untreated because without treatment rabies is usually fatal. The best way of avoiding this risk is to quickly exclude these animals from your property. We have wildlife experts with both professional skills and field experience on Houston skunk removal and control.

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