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Pest or Wildlife Problem?

We are experts in Houston “Memorial” area pest extermination, wildlife removal and attic decontamination cleanup. We pride ourselves in the work we do and enjoy every second of it! 

Do you hear scratching and squeaking noises?

Can you see any type of droppings?

Does your lawn have holes, trash strewn about, garbage lids open or eaten fruit trees?

Are there any openings in your attic or underneath your property?

Our Inspection process

We start each Memorial area pest control and wildlife service with a thorough inspection by our trained experts. 

First thing we do is identify which animal it is by finding any type of feces. 

Next we look at insulation, as mice and rats will make burrows in the insulation to nest, larger animals create large insulation trailings.

We inspect the exterior of the home or building to find all entry points.

Install pest or wildlife trapping, excluders or live cages. Seal all eave returns with dyed concrete to blend, we screen weep holes and four vents with galvanized steel mesh.

Vacuum and remove animal waste, mouse droppings and den materials. Followed by an in-depth attic cleaning to kill pathogens and harmful bacteria. Attic insulation is torn out and replaced. The animal scent is eliminated by sanitizing. 

Houston Opossums Removal and Control
Blowing Attic Insulation - Wildlife Attic Restoration Houston
Wildlife Removal and Control

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