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When the weather is dry and hot, household pests like ants, spiders, and fleas move into homes, but this infestation can also occur when the weather is wet and cold. Pests like rodents, birds, and termites can cause serious property damage when they infest the home or buildings. Homeowners need pest control to take care of these infestations as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.Coach Roach infestation in house Houston

In the Harris and Montgomery counties of Houston, Quality Pest & Wildlife keeps businesses and homes pest-free. The experienced technicians work hand in hand with house and business owners to create a plan that works for you to eradicate the pests.

Our Pest Services:

Rodent Removal:  Rodent pests such as rats and mice are probably searching for food and shelter. In the process, regrettably, these pests can damage buildings and invite other unwanted pests, for example, mites and other disease vectors that can spread diseases through their excrement.

 Contacting Quality Pest & Wildlife will enable us to perform a thorough inspection of your home or business to precisely locate the animal before proceeding with its removal.  We’ll decide on the best plan to humanely get rid of the animal and ensure that everyone is safe in the end. We also ensure that following animal removal, we seal holes, cracks, and other entrances and exits for these animals properly. Read more about our rodent control services.

Ant Control: Ant infestations can quickly spread and are quite difficult to control without the help of a professional. Ants are one of the most common problems when we talk about pest infestations. Having to deal with an ant infestation is both frustrating and difficult. Quality Pest & Wildlife has everything that is required to fight an ant problem you may be encountering in your Houston property. Some signs of infestation in a yard or home include:

  • Piles of dirt: Ants are known to leave little dirt piles around their nests.
  • Nests: Ant nests look like dirt or soil piles and are usually hidden from view.
  • Trails: when you notice a trail of ants, this is a significant sign of an ant infestation

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Wasp Control: When wasps get too comfortable in your house, they are a pain. They swarm your garbage cans and buzz around your garden. The common types of wasps are paper wasps, solitary wasps, and yellow jacket wasps. Wasps are territorial and overly aggressive when they feel threatened in their “territories.”  The entire wasp colony helps out when they decide they want to inhabit a space.

 Once your home is targeted, they begin building nests anywhere they find to hang it- and it surely will be fortified. They build their nests in rafters, in door frames, under eaves, and even in trees.

Wasps use their saliva and wood to build their nests. Being very aggressive and territorial, they’ll attack with their long stinger. They also attack if they are agitated while they’re scavenging or pollinating. Unfortunately, wasps also attack in packs, which are dangerous and could be fatal. Attempting to get rid of wasp is hard and dangerous. This is why you should contact us at Quality Pest & Wildlife. Our professionals will work out a plan to help you get rid of these unwanted pests.

Cockroach Management: Cockroaches are one group of common pests. These nasty pests transmit diseases and contribute to allergies in people if not properly dealt with. Cockroaches are infamous for their excellent survival skills; therefore, it is quite difficult to get rid of cockroaches without the help of a professional.  If your home has a roach infestation, it’ll do you good to get rid of them quickly. This is where Quality Pest & Wildlife provide help. Our roach exterminator will work with you to make sure you stay roach-free in Houston throughout the year. Our removal process includes:

  • A proper and thorough inspection for identification of the source of entry
  • Application of insecticides and other roach removal products
  • Sealing of entry points properly
  • Tips to prevent a future roach infestation
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Bird Control: Even though birds are important and provide some help in controlling pests around your home or business, they can cause a serious mess that can be costly to fix. Birds carry unwanted pests such as mites and fleas. This explains why you should control the population of local birds and prevent them from gaining a bridgehead on your property.

At Quality Pest & Wildlife, we use humane treatment to get unwanted birds off of your property. Also, we offer the best services to keep birds away from your property in the future.  You can learn more about our bird control services here.

Termite Management: Dry wood termites are usually more prevalent in the spring, but if weather conditions remain ideal throughout the year, these termites can pose a problem throughout the year.  They cause weakening of walls, decks, and lofts. Another type of termite, the subterranean termite, on the other hand, creates hollows into the soil and forms termite tubes in buried woods, including your foundation. This causes serious damage to your structure.

Protecting your building and investment is of great significance before termites get a hold of it and take charge.

Quality Pest & Wildlife provides various techniques in the control of termite infestations. Our technicians, first of all, properly inspect your property and then frame up the best plan to control these pests that best suits you. Only a termite inspector can determine the extent of termite damage to your property, book your inspection as soon as possible.

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If you notice any of the above signs, don’t wait. Contact us at Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC to help you eliminate these wood borers, stingers, and disease vectors.
We offer the best services to clients in the Houston area that consists of Harris and Montgomery County. You can contact us on our website, or by phone and we will be willing to help.

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