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Houston Squirrel Removal: While squirrels may seem like cute little animals, when one gets into your house, garage, or any other building you have, you will not think they are so cute. Squirrels have the ability to squeeze into the craziest places, and if they can’t find access, they will gnaw right through whatever material to get to their destination. Keep reading this article to find out about the destructive squirrel and how it can be removed.

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What problems do squirrels cause?

As surprising as it is, squirrels are one of the most destructive pests in both urban and rural settings. Squirrels cause serious health risks to humans, and they also love to destroy buildings and their materials. Squirrels carry a great many diseases and illnesses, and there are several that can be harmful to humans. Humans can contract these maladies by coming into direct contact with a live squirrel or dead squirrel, a squirrel’s saliva, a squirrel’s feces, or a squirrel’s urine. Rabid squirrels rarely attack humans, but small pets and children have sometimes had this happen to them. As can be seen, the health risks are serious, however, there are more problems they cause.

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Squirrel home destruction

Houston Squirrel Trappers: Homes can be destroyed by the seemingly harmless squirrel. They get into attics and other various places by chewing holes through building materials. They love to gnaw on wires, and could potentially start a fire. A squirrel will often crawl into a chimney and will even build a nest, creating a large fire hazard. Structural damage is a concern with squirrels, as they can weaken entire buildings if left to their devices for long enough. Each of these issues should be regarded with high levels of concern, as the cumulative effect of each can build up and become a large problem.

How do I remove squirrels in my house attic?

While removing squirrels might seem like a do-it-yourself task, you might want to reconsider. Many times, a nuisance squirrel will be a pregnant mother and will build her nest and have her babies in your attic. If these babies aren’t found when removing the squirrels, they will die and make your house smell terrible. Squirrels are often removed through the use of a cage trap. Then once the large squirrels are caught, a professional pest removal worker will remove the babies by hand. Once removed, they will let the squirrels run in the wild, away from your home. It is often easier and more cost-effective to hire a wildlife removal service, as the baby issue is a big one.

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Why hire a wildlife removal company?

Hiring a wildlife removal service is a great idea, as it will give you peace of mind knowing that you have professionals at work. Rest assured the experts will use humane practices and release animals away from your home. Wildlife removal professionals are also able to inspect damages caused by the squirrels and will be able to inform you about prevention methods, and can possibly install them for you. If you live in the Houston area (Harris or Montgomery County), give Quality Pest & Wildlife a call, and we will put our experience to work for you.

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